Life Beyond the Castanets

Jean Roberts latest book, on sale now.

The sequel to A Kiss behind the Castanets.

Still loving Spain, even though we can’t get there at the moment!

Life Beyond the Castanets
Jean Roberts, Life Beyond the Castanets.
The second in a series of moving to Spain books.
A Kiss behind the Castanets and Life Beyond the Castanets both covers together


I’m Jean, welcome to my website. Thank you for dropping by. 16 years ago I was able to fulfil a long held dream of buying our first house in Spain. My  first book ‘A Kiss Behind the Castanets’ chronicles our journey from our first weekend away househunting until we sell up and find our second home and settle to life in Acerico. My second book ‘Life Beyond the Castanets’ takes over from there. Both books cover the ups (many) and the downs (few), our sometimes embarrassing efforts with the language, and introduces you to some wonderful and colourful people who we have met along the way.Moving to Spain with Sun and margaritas.
Oranges and my love affair with Spain.What started as a collection of diary entries and emails home has just grown. I will be exploring the mysteries of blogging and will be posting photos, writing about places we visit, sharing recipes and taking a light hearted look at living in Spain, the food, the culture, and how not to do things. I want to share with you my love for this amazing country and her people. I have been here as a part time ex-pat for 16 years and it is still an adventure, it is still a passion. Come inside, come and join me in my new life in Spain. I’ll see you there.

Life Beyond the Castanets is the second in the series of moving to Spain books by Jean Roberts.