Day Trip to Seville.

A Day Trip to Seville.

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It’s wet, cold, and really rather nasty in South East England today so I’m taking myself off to sunny Seville for a day out.

I’ve contacted my friend Tina Wagner Mattern (world famous on WLM) and she has reserved me 2 first class tickets on her exclusive Imaginair airline, and I’m off.

I fancy a walk along the river, maybe stopping for a drink in a rooftop bar overlooking colourful Betis street in the Triana district, the vibrant and exciting gypsy quarter of Seville where Carmen was born.


A rooftop bar colourful Betis Street and the Triana calls, Seville.

Cruzcampo and a view. From a rooftop bar colourful Betis Street and the Triana calls.

…..After soaking up the sun on the roof maybe a wander downstairs to the river to look at some of the statues and watch the tour boats gliding up and down the Guadalquivir.


The waters edge, Seville. Monument to tolerance by the sculptor Eduardo Chillida.….. On the one side, at the water’s edge, the monument to tolerance by the sculptor Eduardo Chillida and on the other, outside the Teatro de la Maestranza, the statue of Mozart who set many operas in Seville. With his foot on a chair, fiddle in one hand, and music in the other this could be the moment when he was inspired to compose The Marriage of Figaro or Don Giovanni.…..Statue of Mozart who set many operas in Seville.



Then a walk along the river to the Torre del Oro…..Torre del Oro, Seville.…..taking a left up into the Santa Cruz district and a trip to the Alcazar.



The Royal Alcazar Seville.…..The Alcazar Seville.…..In the Royal Alcazar Seville.


After the Alcazar a walk around the old town. Through the winding alleyways of the Juderia where the arches were built so low to stop anyone entering on horseback. Quaint houses, pretty plazas and streets so narrow that balconies almost touch.

Winding alleyways of the Juderia, Seville.…..Carman, Seville.…..Pretty plazas and streets, old town Seville.

Through the streets where Carmen used to dance and meet her lovers.



And then a stop for a leisurely lunch in a leafy square. Plaza Doña Elvira would suit me nicely today, Restaurante La Cueva I think, I fancy fish. Let’s have a look at the menu – hmmm, the grilled Dorada looks nice.

Grilled Dorada.…..Restaurante La Cueva in Plaza Doña Elvira Seville.

I’ll have that and sit for a while and watch the world go by while I eat.



After lunch, just a few steps away from the restaurant, a nice cool walk around the Cathedral and a stop for churros before a walk to Las Setas in Plaza de la Encarnacion.

Seville Cathedral.

I’m not climbing the Giralda tower today, I don’t feel like it.



The view from the top this giant mushroom is amazing.

Seville's giant mushroom.…..360 degree view of Seville.

A whole 360 degree view of Seville, and the sunset from the top is breathtaking. This work of art is the largest man made wooden structure in the world.



There is just time after this  for a walk across the Puente Isabel II bridge for tapas and some people watching in the Triana district before home.

Flamenco in Triana Seville.…..Expensive Tapas in Seville.…..Tapas in Seville.

A perfect end to the day. You are welcome to join me.


Jean and Adrian Roberts in Seville.

I feel better already.


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  1. Lovely city and lovely photos! So happy you were able to catch an Imaginair flight and visit this wonderful place again! ?

    1. Thank you Tina, it was a lovely day out. Seville is, as you say, wonderful, and Imaginair is the most amazing airline. Maybe you could visit – you would be very welcome 🙂

    1. It was super. There are some good memories for us Heather, if you remember we ate in La Cueva and tasted their wonderful fish. 🙂

    1. I’m glad that I was able to bring sunshine into your day Edith. Hopefully you will get back to Seville soon 🙂

    1. It was good to have you along for the day Kyra 🙂 Seville is so beautiful and there’s lots more to see when you do get there. Enjoy your future trip 🙂

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