Great news! I’m excited to tell you about my new book “A Kiss Behind the Castanets: My Love Affair with Spain” which is out now.

It is available for your Kindle through Amazon. The paperback is also available on Amazon and I have signed copies if anyone would like to buy one from me.

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News just in!  Showing on Jean’s publishers Facebook page. “Congratulations to Ant Press author Jean Roberts whose book, “A Kiss Behind the Castanets: My Love Affair with Spain”, is once again No. 1 in Family Travel category. The book’s available from Amazon in ebook and paperback formats.”

Now also #1 Best Seller in Family Travel on the Amazon Australia website.


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A Kiss behind the Castanets reader reviews


First off a professional review from the blog writer and radio reviewer Hannah Read, taken from her website: Pages, Places, & Plates

A Kiss Behind The Castanets – Jean Roberts | Insightful & Humorous Travel Memoir Exploring Expat Life

Jean Roberts is an author very local to me so I was really excited to review this A Kiss Behind The Castanets – you can also hear our special episode of Writer’s Block where I discuss her first travel memoir alongside her here.

Title image for A Kiss Behind The Castanets travel memoir by JEan Roberts
Author: Jean Roberts
Genre: Travel Memoir
Published: February 2019


When Jean buys a house in Spain following a breakdown, she dreams of vibrant Spanish art, passionate flamenco, and cocktails at sunset. Her glorified image of life abroad is crushed as she battles rogue tradesmen and vicious local wildlife.
From stalking a neighbour to encountering trees with testicles, will she weather the storms of expat life or wish she had never left the UK?
A Kiss Behind the Castanets is the first instalment of Jean Roberts’s lighthearted and uplifting tale in her Moving to Spain series.
Perfect for fans of Victoria Twead, Chris Stewart, and Alan Parks.
(Taken from Goodreads)

My Review

I was so excited to read A Kiss Behind The Castanets, not only because Jean Roberts is local to me but also as I plan to move to a Spanish country in the near future. The book follows her journey from the reasons why she’d decided to move out there following negative experiences at work to getting settled in. We see her live in a few different properties throughout that journey, and a whole string of crazy events that take place, from dodgy builders to bizarre neighbours (and some particularly violent chickens – that chapter really made me laugh).

Each chapter focuses on a different situation, so it makes for a nice read to dip in and out of. I loved the little icons featured at the start of the chapter – each slightly different and relevant to the content of that chapter, but it gave the book a really original feel. Some chapters explore some quite frustrating and disheartening events, however Jean’s sense of humour shines through and she wraps up each chapter with a win, keeping it quite a positive read. It’s fascinating to follow her on her journey and also discover the Spanish mainland culture from someone who has thrown themselves right into it with little knowledge or acquisition from the start.

Cover image for A Kiss Behind The Castanets travel memoir by JEan Roberts
Cover image for A Kiss Behind The Castanets

As a travel memoir it also makes a highly useful read for anyone looking to move out there themselves – Jean’s writing has illustrated to me several dangers of becoming an expat, but also how to resolve them if they happen or avoid them altogether. The book taught me a lot, not only about the cultural issues that one might encounter but also how the moving process actually works, and how different it is to here in the UK.

I also loved the inclusion of recipes at the back – being a bit of a foodie myself, I’ve now got a whole collection of gorgeous-sounding Spanish recipes to try out. It’s a wonderful way to include even more culture in the book, and allows the reader to share Jean’s experiences through food.

Final Thoughts

I can honestly say that I really enjoyed A Kiss Behind The Castanets – Jean Roberts has a lovely, easy to read writing style that brings her Spanish experiences to life. I’m looking forward to the next instalment, and think this is a great purchase not only for those looking to move to Spain but anyone else who enjoys travel memoirs and perhaps has an interest in Spanish culture.

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sheila m parton

19 April 2019

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
Austin Tansley

April 12, 2019

Format: Softcover  Verified purchase
Rob J.

11 April 2019

I read this book on the strength of a recommendation from a friend of mine. It is funny to the point of laugh out loud which caused a few raised eyebrows around a very quiet and sedated hotel pool. This couple’s experiences in getting to grips with Inland Spain is amusing as they seem to leap from one adventure to another, although, not always taking it in their stride. It is a particularly heart warming book and generally shows how two different cultures can get along and thrive. It was difficult to put down, which cost me dearly as I got burned in the Florida sun!


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