Life Beyond the Castanets, accompanying photos

Photos to accompany my new book, Life Beyond the Castanets.

Life beyond the castanets is my second book and sequel to A Kiss Behind the Castanets. The passion for the country, it’s way of life, and for the people of Spain is still there and is stronger than ever.

As in the previous book, these photos are just snapshots that we have taken ourselves so please don’t expect perfection. My hope is that they bring to life people, places, and experiences that I have written about and help you to enjoy the book just that little bit more.


‘I don’t know why we haven’t done this before, do you Briany?’ Mother-in-law Joan having fun in Spain despite her previous reservations.

Joan, Life beyond the castanets……….Joan balancing life beyond the castanets
Chilling in Ecija.……….Enjoying living in spain


Below :  The dreaded pozo!

…………………….Supervising the worker.

Brian supervising pozo digging in Spain Hot sun, working in Spain.
Digging a hole in 50 degrees heat. The fan was essential.…………….


Our man in Gibraltar
Our man in Gibraltar.
On top of the rock of Gibraltar, the  Levante rising like smoke behind.
On top of the Rock, the  Levante rising like smoke behind.
Monkeys on the rock of Gibraltar
Crisps snaffled from a picnic.


Our man in Seville.……….Our man in the pool

Our man in Seville and our man in the pool.

Grandpa asleep.
Our man asleep.

Despite the delay, Christian and Georgia still had a lot of fun.

Christian and Georgia in Seville.Jean and Adrian in Seville.

Christian and Georgia outside the Alcazar, Seville.


Scrooge and The Misers
Peter Harper.
Where it all started. The boy on the bus – the very lovely Peter Harper.

Scrooge and The Misers.Geof Warren.

Old friends – Geof then and now.

Worrying times in the campo. Prickly pears attacked by the cochineal beetle.

Dying prickly pear cactus.Very sad prickly pear cactus.


A day to remember –  for all the wrong reasons.

Remembrance Day.……….Gibraltar remembrance day

Gibraltar war memorial

Waiting for the car. When they left, the stand holding the wreaths was almost empty. There was no fanfare for the heroes. They should be ashamed.



The New Jeep and the start of new adventures.

Jeep Wrangler offroad.

……..Since then it has taken on a slightly stagnant smell.

The Jeep Gang.……….Jeeps in France

Overnight pit stop, ready for the off and thundering through tiny French villages.

Chambon sheriff……….Chambon trail

The Chambon Sheriff and out on one of the beautiful trails at Chambon.

Oh dear Paul!……….A snake of jeeps.

Between Paul and oblivion, a very slender and well placed tree. The final ride out, a snake of Jeeps as far as the eye could see.

Willys Jeeps……….Boys with their toys!

The old guard were there in strength. The original Willys Jeeps. Proud owners and big toys, our Chambon crew.


Plan, The beautiful village on the Spanish border.

Driving through a waterfall on the way to Plan.
Driving through a waterfall on the way to Plan.
The Spanish border village of Plan.
When you have dodgy brakes you need to improvise!



Goya birth place Fuendetodos.

The birthplace of Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes.

Fuendetodos Spain

In these tranquil streets of Fuendetodos the presence of Goya could be felt.


The specialty dish!

Would you like to try a local speciality? Crisps and olives with tinto verano on the beach at Mazarrón.



Yee-Haw. Fort Bravo.


The sheriff rides into town.……….Chorus girls stretching

The sheriff rides into town, and leg stretches at the bar before the can can.


Dead at my feet!……….Inside the fort looking out at the indian reservation.

Lying dead at my feet before the photo opportunity. There’s Injuns in them thar hills. Teepees outside the fort.

First union bank.……….Santa fe railroad Fort Bravo.

The First Union Bank and the famous Santa fe Railroad, the stuff of childhood fantasies.


Casa Juanita

Our crazy paved house.

Our patchwork house.……….Beautiful Sunset Andalucía.

That evening, my feet in the still empty pool, there was nowhere else on earth that I would rather have been..

In search of waterfalls.

Spanish waterfalls in the Extremadura.

Getting the camera ready for an awesome shot. Beauty in the Extremadura.


A ladder to ride in the Jeep Wrangler.……….Concrete garden sofas.

A ladder to ride and sofa boy. Concrete sofas in the Valle del Jerte. Out of shot behind the Jeep is the stone lavadera where the village women would gather to do the laundry.


Cherry picking in the Extremadura Spain.Cherry picker hidden in the tree. We often had to swerve around ladders propped up from the road.


Spanish civil war memorial.

The moving memorial to the forgotten of the Spanish Civil War close to El Torno.


Poppies and vineyards……….Wine and olive oil.
Lecea wine cellar.……….Wine tasting in the Rioja wine region.

Wine tasting with the wonderful José and a feast fit for a king cooked over vine twigs.


Jenny and Debbie living Life Beyond the Castanets with Jean Roberts.

And of course there was wine. Jenny and Debbie after a hard morning’s study. ¡Salud!



And finally a big thank you to my very talented artists.

Eva, artist for life beyond the castanets.


Brian, artist for life beyond the castanets.


Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoyed Life Beyond the Castanets.