Readers reading my book, around the world.

My book, not only moving to Spain, but now around the world!

A page specially dedicated to the readers of my book “A Kiss behind the Castanets” showing where it has been read around the world.

If you have read or are currently reading A Kiss behind the Castanets, whether it be in Cleethorpes bus station, or in the foothills at base camp Mount Everest, please take a pic of yourself, saying where you are and email it to me at: or post to my facebook page and I will place it onto this web page.

Here are the first of have book will travel.

Barry on the way to New York.

Barry on the way to New York,

over the Atlantic.

Donna on a beach in Florida. Donna in the conch republic of Key West

Donna on a beach in Florida and in the Conch Republic of Key West.

The blue skies are a perfect match for the cover.

Mary in California.

Mary in California, USA.

Kiss behind the Castanets at Strencham mill marina

Julia bought it with her to Strencham mill marina, Worcester, UK.

Lawrence is standing at the gatehouse of the old Rupertswood Mansion and Salesian College, Sunbury, Australia. Established in 1836, Sunbury was the second settlement in Victoria. The playing fields within the Rupertswood grounds are considered to be the birthplace of the “ashes”!

Ok so we cheated with this one, but hope he would approve! Photo from the Dali Theatre-Museum. Our complements go to Robert Whitaker Fundacio Gala-Salvador Dali, Figueres.

Jenny in beautiful Venice.

Peter walked the Camino de Santiago and took it with him. Thank you Peter.


Eneida on the beach at Figueira da Foz Portugal.

Lisa at the 4×4 offroad weekend in Chambon, France and relaxing in Turkey.